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  • Black magic wand

    Dark witch’s black magic wand

    29,00 $

    Handmade magic wand is made from a handmade wooden wand and is covered with black polymer clay.

    Black gold magic wand Dark witch’s magic wand Сosmic crystal wand Goth costume wand Creeping wand Witch magic wand Pagan ritual Moon magic

  • Black Witch Potion

    Black Witch Potion

    35,00 $

    Witch’s potion – glass jar decorated with polymer clay with a Triple Moon pentacle, an apothecary’s jar with an opening lid.

    Black Witch Potion Pentagram Triple Moon Pentacle Bottle Apothecary Jar Pagan Altar Wiccan Gothic Home Decor Bowl Witchcraft Occult Stash

  • Sale! Round runic

    Round runic Elder Futhark Rune Set

    32,00 $

    Set includes 24 original deep carved runes from Elder Futark + 1 Blank Rune

    Round runic Elder Futhark Rune Set Norse pagan runes Futhark Runes Scandinavian runes Viking Dark Nordic runes black Divination Intuition

  • Decorative skull

    Decorative skull black Halloween decor

    35,00 $

    Human skull is black with golden spiral pattern and  butterfly, a smaller copy.

    Decorative skull black Halloween decor Witch Butterfly Ornament skull Miniature human skull Golden skull altar decor Painted plaster skull

  • Black Moon Phases wall hanging

    Black Moon Phases wall hanging

    45,00 $

    Moon phases handmade wall hanging decor made polymer clay connected by a strong cotton thread.

    Black Moon Phases wall hanging Moon phase decor Moon wall art garland Triple Moon Witchy room decor Astronomy Celestial Lunar Art Home gift

  • Black Human Skull

    Black Gold Human Skull Sculpture

    60,00 $

    Human skull is black, a smaller copy. A black and gilded sculpture of a human skull. The skull is made of plaster, modeling mass, hand-painted with acrylic paints and covered with a protective varnish. Skull has a flat bottom and is designed to be installed on any flat surface.

    Black Gold Skull Sculpture Skull Halloween Skull Decorative Occult Skull Black skull Realistic skull Gothic Biker Decor Day of the Dead gift

  • Pagan Spoon Cernunnos

    Pagan Spoon Cernunnos Wood Burned Spoon

    20,00 $

    Pagan wooden spoon-spatula. On the back of a wooden spoon pictured (scorched) Horned God Cernunnos.

    Pagan Spoon Horned God Cernunnos Wood Burned Spoon Witch’s Cauldron Kitchen Wand Magic Spell Altar supplies Herbalism Wicca Pagan Decor gift

  • Magic Wand

    Magic Wand Forest witch’s magic wand

    29,00 $

    Handmade magic wand is made from a hand-hewn wooden stick and is covered with polymer clay.

    Magic Wand Forest witch’s magic wand Green magic wand with leaves Forest witch Geek Accessories Witch Wizard Wand Fairy wand OOAK magic wand

  • Moon wall hanging

    Golden Moon wall hanging

    27,00 $48,00 $

    Handmade wall decor “Phases of the moon”, made of polymer clay and connected by a strong but elegant metal chain.

    Golden Moon wall hanging Moon phases decor Moon garland Clay moon banner Moon vibes wall art Pagan altar decor Moon mobile Witchy room decor.

  • Moon phases wall decor

    Moon phases wall decor

    27,00 $48,00 $

    Handmade moon phases wall hanging decor made out of polymer clay and and connected by a strong but elegant metal chain. Moon phase has an interesting textured surface, tinted with gold acrylic paint.

    Moon phases wall decor Black Moon Phases Clay moon banner Pagan altar decor Wiccan wall art Witch decor Gothic wall hanging Space garland

  • Alchemical Symbols

    4 Elements Alchemical Symbols

    33,00 $

    Altar tiles, three-dimensional elements made of polymer clay in a primitive style with the image of traditional alchemical symbols of the elements and the spirit.

    4 Elements alchemy set Alchemical Symbols Earth Fire Water Air Spirit Wheel altar decor Altar tile pentacle Sacred Geometry Pagan witch gift

  • Celtic Fairy Garden Door

    Celtic Fairy Garden Door

    32,00 $

    Tiny fairy door in rustic style, with сeltic symbol Triquetra (Triskele, Celtic Knot, Trinity knot)

    Celtic Fairy Garden Door Triquetra Symbol Mystical fairy door for tree Miniature wicca door Tiny fairytale door Terrarium Tooth fairy door

  • Rustic Fairy Door

    Rustic Fairy Door Mystical fairy door

    26,00 $

    Tiny fairy-tale door in a rustic style.

    Rustic Fairy Door Mystical fairy door Miniature door Terrarium Accessories Terrarium Fairy Garden Tiny door Fairytale door Tooth Fairy door