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  • Human skull jewelry set

    Human skull jewelry set

    16,00 $29,00 $

    Gothic jewelry set with bronze human skulls. Includes long dangling earrings and a pendant on a chain.

    Human skull jewelry set Skull earrings Skull pendant necklace Gothic Punk Earrings Skeleton anatomy jewelry Creepy occult earrings Cranium


  • Spider necklace Witch necklace

    Spider necklace Witch necklace

    36,00 $

    Fantasy, mystical necklace for a witch in the form of a spider web with spider. The handmade necklace is made of polymer clay, complemented with crystal and glass beads.

    Spider necklace Halloween witch necklace Black goth necklace Fantasy costume vampire necklace Pagan pendant Magical necklace Dark Academia

  • Moon Phase Earrings

    Moon Phase Earrings Wiccan earrings

    23,00 $

    Phases moon, pagan moon, crescent – modern stylish, long, black earrings in a Gothic witchcraft style.

    Moon Phase Earrings Wiccan Goth earrings Pagan earrings Witch moon earrings Space Astrology earrings Celestial jewelry Clay Dangle Earrings

  • Cernunnos pendant

    Cernunnos pendant

    28,00 $

    Pagan pendant with the image of the horned God Ceronne.

    Cernunnos pendant Pagan god jewellery Horned God necklace Pagan Wicca Jewelry Occult Pendant Witch necklace Celtic pendant Viking jewelry.

  • Spiral Goddess pendant

    28,00 $

    Pagan pendant with the image of the Spiral Goddess represents our internal feminine power.

    Spiral Goddess pendant Pagan goddess necklace Triple Goddess pendant Symbol Fertility Goddess necklace Wicca Witch jewelry Dryad jewellery.