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  • Spider necklace Witch necklace

    Spider necklace Witch necklace

    36,00 $

    Fantasy, mystical necklace for a witch in the form of a spider web with spider. The handmade necklace is made of polymer clay, complemented with crystal and glass beads.

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  • Black magic wand

    Dark witch’s black magic wand

    29,00 $

    Handmade magic wand is made from a handmade wooden wand and is covered with black polymer clay.

    Black gold magic wand Dark witch’s magic wand Сosmic crystal wand Goth costume wand Creeping wand Witch magic wand Pagan ritual Moon magic

  • Black Witch Potion

    Black Witch Potion

    35,00 $

    Witch’s potion – glass jar decorated with polymer clay with a Triple Moon pentacle, an apothecary’s jar with an opening lid.

    Black Witch Potion Pentagram Triple Moon Pentacle Bottle Apothecary Jar Pagan Altar Wiccan Gothic Home Decor Bowl Witchcraft Occult Stash

  • Decorative skull

    Decorative skull black Halloween decor

    35,00 $

    Human skull is black with golden spiral pattern and  butterfly, a smaller copy.

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  • Black Human Skull

    Black Gold Human Skull Sculpture

    60,00 $

    Human skull is black, a smaller copy. A black and gilded sculpture of a human skull. The skull is made of plaster, modeling mass, hand-painted with acrylic paints and covered with a protective varnish. Skull has a flat bottom and is designed to be installed on any flat surface.

    Black Gold Skull Sculpture Skull Halloween Skull Decorative Occult Skull Black skull Realistic skull Gothic Biker Decor Day of the Dead gift

  • Baphomet Statue Occult God

    Baphomet Statue Occult God

    29,00 $

    Primitive figure of Baphomet Occult God .

    Baphomet Statue Occult God Leviathan Satan figurine Sigil Baphomet figure Horned Pagan Doll Devil Goat Idol Order Templars Witch Altar gift